About Us

🌟 Hey there! 💖 This is our story how Fromko was made!

Many of followers kept mentioning about the sky-high shipping fees and turtle-paced deliveries on Weverse. 🐢😫 That's why we've created Fromko! Fromko is here to save the day and make your shipping experience a breeze! 🎉✨

✨ Fromko is all about providing you with a reasonable price and the fastest shipping from Korea to all over the world! all without any additional fees! 🎁💸✨ We believe in being upfront and transparent, so there are no surprises or hidden charges along the way. It's as simple as can be – easy to use and not the least bit confusing! 😊💪
✨ We originated from community, so we genuinely care about your experience. No ripping off here, we promise! 😇 Our main goal is to create an environment where you can effortlessly snag your favorite products without breaking the bank. 💸✨

✨ So, trust us like a BFF and lean on our speedy service! 😊💌 We're here to deliver the best prices and the most amazing service, all bundled up with a big dose of happiness! 🎁✨ Thank you for putting your trust in Fromko—we can't wait to serve you! 🙌💕
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